2015 we will be hosting

1. Vincent Maurice Junk Work.null

A series of  imaginary characters created out of recycled everyday objects.

Visit us and en enjoy, you are allowed to touch! 

March 2015

2. Freaks & Frivolities by Rebeca Cano

Travel with us to Rebeca Cano´s magical world, where everything is possible. Let the show begin and like in any attraction don´t forget to get your ticket.


About the artist

Rebeca Cano´s work is a unique and original fusión of a 21st century industrial product with a 19th century aesthetic. She gives her customized dolls meaning, soul & life, through expresión, clothing, props, scenary & photography.

Spring 2015

3. Cachete Jack

Cachetejack are Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, a Spanish illustration duo based in London.

Their illustration universe is full of colors, energy, humour and irony. The hand drawn work of Cachetejack takes a fresh and unique style working in a variety of mediums, including—but not limited to—books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, walls and illustration.
Cachetejack combines reality with a cool point of view to create situations and environments closer to the viewer

We are so Lucky to have them in May 2015!

4. Love33unicorn.

Unicorns of Love33unicorn represent to each dreamer that pursue their ideas and personal projects with bravery. They’re the light and the magic to going ahead. It’s not easy to achieve dreams or be brave, and sometimes, in the middle of the dark, the fantasy and the sparkle of horn of unicorns are necesary.

Each unicorn is magical, hand made, unique and tells the personal history of each dreamer.

About the artist

Melania is the maker of the unicorns of Love33unicorn and, in this exhibition, she shows us 9 magical kingdoms where unicorns are hidden.

June 2015